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Scotland Day 10 - Inverness to Edinburgh

25 July 2022

Today was another travel day. It’s back to Edinburgh so I can catch my flight home tomorrow. The train was short a car and really crowded, but it wasn’t bad at all. Hell of a lot better than the Van Galder bus! Tonight I’m staying in The Scotsman, a nice hotel, for my final night. I had a delicious meal in the hotel restaurant. Some red wine, mussels for a starter, and venison for my main. It was delicious. I am off to bed soon because I need to head to the airport around 6am.

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Scotland Day 9 - Isle of Skye

24 July 2022

On my final full day of siteseeing I took a trip to the Isle of Skye on a cold and rainy day. Even with cloud cover all day it was stunning.

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Scotland Day 8 - Inverness and Culloden

23 July 2022

I’m really liking the weather in the highlands. Sun comes out occasionally, pretty cool temps for the middle of July. I wore pants and a sweatshirt all day and was actually chilly at one point.

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Scotland Day 7 - Edinburgh to Inverness

22 July 2022

Today was a travel day. I left Edinburgh and travelled to Inverness via rail. As a Wisconite who lived through Scott Walker’s teure as governor, riding the train brings about a wistful remembrance about what could have been. Regardless, the train is a great way to travel. I had upgraded my tickets to first class to make it even more fancy so I thoroughly enjoyed it, even considering the woman who was most displeased that there would not be tea service!

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Scotland Day 6 - The Highlands, Glencoe, and Loch Ness

21 July 2022

After spending the previous day walking all around Edinburgh I was looking forward to a small group tour of the Highlands including Glencoe and Loch Ness. It was a long day, filled with beautiful scenery. The driver, Mac, was friendly, played excellent music, and had great stories in between stops. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. The Highlands are stunning.

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