Scotland Day 5 - Edinburgh (day 2)

My Apple Watch tells today me I broke pretty much every movement record I had previously set. I’m not going to argue because it feels like it. I woke up this morning,

Scotland Day 4 - Edinburgh (day 1)

Today I left the Breis, who have been incredible hosts on the first leg of my trip. We drove up to Edinburgh this morning and spent the day walking around in the hottest

Scotland Day 3 - Southerness

There is a heat wave hitting europe right now so today was a good day to check out the ocean and hopefully catch a decent breeze. We drove down to the small tourist

Scotland Day 2 - Glasgow

After my long trip I slept around 12 twelve hours Saturday night. I woke up Sunday morning and enjoyed some coffee and toast before we headed to Glasgow for the day. Andy and

Scotland Day 1

I began my trip to Scotland on Friday morning, waking up to catch the 5:30am bus to Chicago O’Hare Airport. I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to check