Scotland Day 10 - Inverness to Edinburgh

Today was another travel day. It’s back to Edinburgh so I can catch my flight home tomorrow. The train was short a car and really crowded, but it wasn’t bad at

Scotland Day 9 - Isle of Skye

On my final full day of siteseeing I took a trip to the Isle of Skye on a cold and rainy day. Even with cloud cover all day it was stunning. Before heading

Scotland Day 8 - Inverness and Culloden

I’m really liking the weather in the highlands. Sun comes out occasionally, pretty cool temps for the middle of July. I wore pants and a sweatshirt all day and was actually chilly

Scotland Day 7 - Edinburgh to Inverness

Today was a travel day. I left Edinburgh and travelled to Inverness via rail. As a Wisconite who lived through Scott Walker’s teure as governor, riding the train brings about a wistful