Bash script for Rsync backups

I’ve got a very basic bash script I use for user backups to external drives. I place the script on an empty external drive and give that to my users. They are

Enabling Apple Remote Desktop via Workspace ONE

This post is very similar to my last, enabling SSH via Workspace ONE. The process is identical, just the scripts have changed. Like the SSH post this is adapted from information here. Create

Enable SSH on macOS via Workspace ONE

SSH can be enabled through Workspace ONE using Provisioning. I’ve adapted the information on setting up SSH via Munki found here. Create a Custom Attribute Profile The first step is to get

New Mac Setup Scripts

I usually reformat my laptop a couple times a year. It’s completely unnecessary but I just get the itch to clear out and start over. To make that a little less annoying

Monitoring Wordpress with Nagios/Icinga

I have many WordPress installs on servers I maintain and the hardest part is making sure all the plugins, themes, and WordPress itself remain up to date. I monitor my infrastructure with Icinga2