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Scotland Day 4 - Edinburgh (day 1)

19 July 2022

Today I left the Breis, who have been incredible hosts on the first leg of my trip.

We drove up to Edinburgh this morning and spent the day walking around in the hottest weather Scotland has ever seen. That’s just a normal Wisconsin summer day except since they don’t usually see this much heat they don’t have the infrastructure to handle it, ie. no AC in most places. While walking around Old Town in Edinburgh we met up with a few more Americans, Andy’s colleague Melissa, her mother, and brother. Since it was so hot we didn’t do much other than look for a cool place to have a drink.

After visiting in to the afternoon I said goodbye to everyone and walked over to my hotel for the next three nights. Again, since they don’t see this kind of heat ever my hotel has no AC. I decided to venture out later for dinner. The two Innis & Gunn lagers I had at the Beehive Inn were very refreshing, though the steak and ale pie, while amazing, didn’t help me cool down at all.