WWDC 2005

Well, the first day of the 2005 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is drawing to a close. There is a reception a half an hour but the sessions are over. Of course, the big news is Apple is switching to Intel processors. It was kind of funny when Steve Jobs confirmed the rumor during his keynote. Usually when he announces something there is this giant cheer and applause. This time is was kind of quiet and I think I heard a slight gasp. 🙂 It looks pretty cool though. Most of the demo machines they’ve been using are running Intel processors so it works. Apparently Apple has been producing Intel versions of OS X for the last five years in secret. Transitioning to the new architecture should not be a huge deal. Anyway, there’s a press release if you want more info. The OS X State of The Union session was pretty good. Basically they talked about writing apps to take advantage of the technologies in the OS. All it did was make me want to really sit down and learn to write native OS X apps. Damn you Apple! The Enterprise IT State of The Union session kind of blew really. Another example of Apple not really doing a good job with their Enterprise customers. It was basically this: “Yup, we make a server OS based on our desktop OS, and it’s good. We make good hardware that has a really good TCO. Now, here’s some Enterprise customers who are worse speakers than me if you can believe it to talk about their implementations.” I’m really excited about other sessions this week though so it should be fun. I left the good digital camera at home because my daughter is graduating from kindergarten this week (and I’m going to miss it 🙁 ) so the pictures I have (here are from my phone. So low quality to say the least.