Who the hell is this?

I ran across this site this week. Who is this dude? He runs a Windows web site I guess. He also writes for some Windows magazines. Anyway, he is just annoying. If you read some of his posts you may see why I feel this way. He does a good job of sounding pretty neutral, even pointing out he has a couple Macs. What he does though is constantly point out how wonderful Microsoft is and how crappy Apple is in comparison. One example, he has a post from November 11 entitled Let the Patching Begin He states: Apple’s latest OS is only two weeks old, but its already coming under fire for a number of problems. Today, Apple released the first major upgrade to Panther, dubbed OS X 10.3.1, which addresses a number of the early teething problems its latest cat foisted on early adopters. Boy, that is terrible right? Already a patch? Never mind that if you keep your Windows machine up to date you will need to install critical updates on a weekly basis. He also constantly pokes at the user interface of OS X, how it is a classic GUI. He makes statements about how Windows has evolved and how the next version of Windows will be amazing for users. First, Windows has not changed much from it’s first incarnation and has not changed at all really since Windows 95. Second, and many Windows people do this, he comparing OS X to a version of Windows that will not be available until 2005! Anyway, this guy just annoyed me.