The Bush twins stumping for Dad

It seems Jenna and Barbara Bush have learned quite a bit from their father. From a recent article: The First Daughters seemed slightly nervous, and Jenna, who spoke first, flubbed her lines a few times while reading from a prepared speech. Oops, I lost my place,? she said at one point, smiling at the audience and shrugging her shoulders. And if the audience doesn’t realize they should be applauding: At one point, Jenna paused at what was clearly meant to be an applause line during the speech. When no one clapped, she looked up, eyed a girl in the front row, and said, Clap!? The applause began, she smiled and turned to Barbara, who simply laughed. I must say, I am quite impressed with college Republicans also: Jenna and Barbara are definitely hotter than the Kerry daughters,? Steve Pfang, a St. Norbert senior and president of the schools College Republicans, said to a group of mostly male students standing near the front of the line. All nodded in agreement. I mean, if you have no other reason to vote for Bush you might as well do so because his daughters are hotter than Kerry’s. The best part of the article of the article I thought was the following: As they left the building on their way to another campaign event in Milwaukee, Jenna and Barbara ran into a group of about 40 student protesters, who were positioned near their motorcade. One girl held a sign that said DRAFT JENNA, while another held a sign that read SEND THE BUSH TWINS TO IRAQ. Send the twins to Iraq, then at least someone tied to this administration would know what serving in the military is like.