Lazy me

I haven’t updated in over a month. Yikes. Well I guess nothing exciting has really happened. I finished my Ruby on Rails training. It ended being well worth the trip. Since then I have been coding a web app pretty much every day at work. Still lots to learn, but after the class I went from being able to make it through by looking things up to being confident enough to do most things without having to reference my beginning Ruby on Rails books. I have realized fully that it will be very necessary for me to become a Ruby expert however. One can do quite a bit by just learning all that Rails can do, but in order to really do amazing things one must understand Ruby intimately.

Sarah’s sister got married two weeks ago. Fun was had by all. The kids stayed up until around 11:00 pm. I don’t think they had ever stayed up that late, but they had a blast. Jack made his Mom dance with him every chance he got. Noah was pretty much a fixture on the dance floor. She just wouldn’t sit down. Sarah and I were able to dance together for about 3 minutes total before the kids came in to share each dance. It was a really great night. We finally finished the trim in the basement of our house. We have to just sand and stain match a couple spots and all will be completely done. I’m really glad my brother is a carpenter. No way could I have done a decent job. That about sums up the recent activity. Hopefully I’ll have more interesting updates in the future.