Last weekend was a real pain in my ass

Sarah’s sisters were in town over the weekend. They were going to be going wedding dress shopping for Sarah’s older sister Julie. That meant the fiancé, Brett, and I were on child care duty. My two kids, and Sarah’s other sister’s two kids. All in all quite a painless weekend. I even got a cool toy. A little remote control airplane. I must say, it’s the coolest thing ever. Noah and Jack even got the hang of flying it. We may have to pick up a couple more and have dogfights.

The pain in my ass started Sunday night though. We were picking up the toys and the little pool in the backyard, and while I was stepping down from the four foot tall rock wall I slipped and landed my right side on a big rock. I bounced off and stumbled to the ground. Today my right gluteus is hurting big time.