Just finished watching the UK version of The Office

I finished watching the entirety of the UK version of The Office this week. The first thing I want to say is, even though I know comparisons are going to happen, I really dislike comparisons between the US and UK versions. Other than the first episode of each the US version has had original scripts and is really it’s own show. This is good, because the humor of the UK version I’m sure would be both lost on American audiences, and would never make it past the censors in the US. The show can be downright raunchy at times. I really enjoyed it though. Much of the humor was very subtle, but very funny.The main characters all seemed like very real people to me. I found myself rooting for Tim and Dawn. I also just grimaced at some if the things David Brent said. How could someone be so socially retarded? The way they ended the series was also great. You could call it sappy by giving pretty much everyone a happy ending, but it was nice to see. So often television and movies end with some overly dramatic question or open ended finale. It was nice to have a decent ending in The Office.I definitely recommend the UK version of The Office. If you are a fan of the US version its interesting to see where things started. I’m usually a fan of British TV shows too, and this is no exception.