Isthmus, Wisconsin Associated Press sue Gov. Scott Walker over access to emails

Isthmus newspaper and the Wisconsin Associated Press today filed a lawsuit against Gov. Scott Walker over his office’s failure to respond to open records requests regarding emails received by his office.
“The governor said he had gotten more than 8,000 emails as of Feb. 17, with ‘the majority’ urging him to ‘stay firm’ on his budget repair bill,” says _Isthmus_News Editor Bill Lueders. “We’re just trying to see these largely supportive responses.”

The day Walker made his statements I said to my wife someone needs to submit an open records request for those emails to make him prove he has received that much support. Sounds like he is having a hard time producing all those emails of support. Just like Walker’s statements regarding Wisconsin’s financial crisis it appears his statements regarding the amount of support he is receiving may have been overblown.