I wrote a Wordpress Plugin for your Twitter photos!

I wrote a plugin for WordPress so you don’t have to use sites like Twitpic. You can read about my plugin here:

Twitter Media Endpoint
or at the official WordPress Plugin site

The plugin allows you to use your WordPress install just like you would Twitpic, or one of those other image sharing sites. I was never a big fan of posting my images on those public sites so I started this plugin. Then we have the recent news about how truly shitty the terms are at Twitpic and it’s ilk. Basically, when you post there you lose all control over your photos. I wanted to create this plugin so people can post their photos to their site and be sure to retain copyright, and control of photos they take.

Here is some information on the image hosting terms of service issue:

This is a very early release, and my first WordPress plugin so please let me know of problems you find @sterling