I am the Real Bear Grylls

So apparently there is some talk that Man vs Wild is a bit Fake. Bear Grylls supposedly gets help from the crew and even stays in hotels from time to time. Story here. Well I’m here to say that I am the real deal. I don’t use a freakin’ camera crew. Sure, leave me alone in the woods on a pleasant summer night with plenty to eat and drink, and a fire with enough wood to last for days and I’d probably die. But I am a master survivalist in many other ways. Here is my story. We have some rabbits living under our deck. A week or so ago I was letting the dog out for the night around 10:30 PM. One of the rabbit was near the deck stairs and took off to the other end of the yard. The dog, being a wild beast, just stood there staring. So here we have a rabbit sitting at one end of the yard thinking it is hidden (it wasn’t), and a dog that won’t just go to the bathroom. I decided to grab a rock and toss it towards the rabbit to scare it off. I grabbed a rock about the size of a table tennis ball and lobbed it towards the rabbit. The next thing I hear is a loud “clunk!” as the rock strikes the rabbit square in the head. It dropped and after a few seconds of twitching it was done. I was pretty shocked. I wasn’t expecting to actually hit the thing to be honest. I wonder if my aim would be that good if I ever really needed it to be? So anyway, the dog went to the bathroom and all is right in the world. Eat your heart out Bear Grylls. I didn’t even have a camera crew.