Host change successful

It took far longer than it should have but I am finally switched over to my new host. I chose to switch from site5 to TextDrive. I was not all that happy with how site5 was dealing with Rails hosting so I decided to switch. I gotta tell ya, not too happy with how site5 handles things right now. One would think it would be easy to just change one’s DNS servers and wait for the changes to propagate. Not that easy apparently. I have two domains, both have their DNS hosted by site5. I changed one, but the other would not update, I was either getting errors from their web server, or the changes would just not “stick”. Support took forever to respond to my requests. In the mean time, the domain that did update was not propagating. Five days later I emailed them regarding that and the response I got was “Are you sure? Everything looks fine to me.” Magically, DNS had been flushed and the domain was pointing to textdrive’s servers. I didn’t buy it. I got the same type of response when I asked about why I couldn’t get the other domain to even update. After 48 hours of no response, I finally get one stating i was doing something wrong. I go back to the site and magically it now works. I update my record, but again three days later the changes have not propagated to the rest of the web. I email support and half an hour later the DNS if pointing to the new host and everything is working. For having wizz bang automated systems I am not all that impressed at the amount of time I had to spend email asupport at site5 over and over again.
Anyway, Everything seems to be working. After I screwed up the blog performing an upgrade to Typo I’m up and running smoothly.