Here’s karma for ya.

I think the fates are conspiring against me. Or I’m just dumb. Last year the wife and I built a deck. We decided not to bother with a building permit. Between my father in-law who has been building houses for over 35 years, and my brother who has spent several summers building decks for peoplewe figured we had gotten enough advice that we didn’t need to worry about an inspection. Well guess what, we were almost done and one day I see the building inspector had stopped by when he noticed our unfinished, non-permit having deck. Damn it. So we got a permit, no big deal. Fast forward to a month ago. We started finishing our basement. Again we make the decision to not get a building permit. Well, yesterday while the drywall was being delivered the building inspector drove by. Busted. So $90.00 later we now have a building permit and inspections are scheduled. Yes, for being two pretty smart people we are really dumb.