GOP Takes Latest Abortion Fight To The Tax Code

Another interesting bill introduced by the GOP House. HR3 would make it nearly impossible to have an abortion covered by insurance. Any company that offers a health plan that could cover abortion would get no tax credits. The bill would also block anybody with insurance that covers abortions from receiving federal subsidies. So, for example being able to buy insurance with pre tax dollars would no longer be an option if your insurance company covered abortions for some reason. The bill also takes things a step further to redefining rape for the purposes of exempting some cases where federal funds may be used for an abortion. It is proposed that cases of rape must be “forcible rape”.

The following from George Washington University law professor Sara Rosenbaum.

From the article:

For example, she said, the IRS would have to make technical decisions about what types of abortions can and can’t be covered so it can decide what kind of insurance is eligible for tax deductions and credits.
“We’re going to need the Internal Revenue Service to define a rape; potentially a forcible rape, incest; potentially incest involving minors; as opposed to incest not involving minors; physical conditions endangering life, and physical conditions that don’t endanger life,”

Regardless of your feelings on abortion do you want to give this much control over your body to your government? Is this what the GOP campaigned on? A smaller government that didn’t boss us around so much? They could at least pretend they care about the people they are doing this to by making sure they throw in more funding for early childhood development and sex education. Of course that won’t really help the 18 year old girl who finally gets pregnant after being raped by her father for years. She’ll just have to keep the baby.