Good Apple, bad Apple

I had fun with Apple products this weekend. A few weeks ago my little brother ordered a new iPod from Apple. I have been wanting to get Sarah a green iPod Mini for a while so I asked my mother to order one for me. This way my parents could hold onto it for me until Sarah’s birthday and I wouldn’t need to come up with a really good lie to explain the missing $250 from the checking account. I could then pay my parents back after Sarah’s birthday. Well, I was able to get a Mini this past Friday so I had my mother cancel her order. Of course I had to give it to her right away which is fine by me. I was expecting her to give me a bit more flak for spending the money but she was just damn happy to get the mini. I also had a couple older Apple Airport Base Stations that had blown capacitors. I was actually able to repair 2 of them this weekend. Unfortunately, after running for about 48 hours the one I had been using stopped responding to wireless. So it’s back to my crappy Dell access point for the time being. I think I may need to drill some ventilation holes or something.