I had every intention of posting at least every couple days, but I have fallen behind. I would have posted earlier this week but we had a piece of network hardware fail somewhere between work and campus, where we get our internet connection. I would have just posted from home but I keep forgetting. A busy life with a wife and 2 kids will do that I guess. Anyway, Panic released a new version of CandyBar this week. It’s an awesome Mac icon switcher. I highly recommend it. So far we’ve had 2 debates for the upcoming presidential election. I seriously do not understand why people would vote for Bush over Kerry. The only excuse I hear is Bush will do a better job of protecting us from terrorists. Oh, and people that make over a quarter of a million dollars a year like Bush for the tax breaks. I just do not get it. We’ve lost millions of jobs, the economy is in the toilet. We’re over in Iraq with no plan and no way out at this point. It’s just annoying. The job growth talked about by the White House isn’t happening. The reason’s for the war in Iraq aren’t there. What the hell has the Bush administration done? No Child Left Behind? Underfunded. Medicare? Great, seniors can get prescription drugs. They also have to deal with the largest premium increase ever. I’ve already mentioned the economy. It’s just so damn stupid. The second presidential debate is tonight, I’m very interested to see how that goes. Hopefully more people will open their eyes.