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Color your PowerBook Apple

25 March 2005

I noticed in my Apache logs that there seem to be quite a few people actually looking for this so I decided to update it and make it available on the new site. Especially since the link most people are going to no longer exists.

I’ve read a bit about people doing modifications to their iBooks and PowerBooks. I decided a while ago I wanted to do something with my 12″ Al PowerBook. So I read up on things and after seeing this thread I finally decided to change the color of the Apple logo on the lid of my laptop. The pictures should pretty much speak for themselves but I thought I would do a short write up on what I did. First, get your tools. You will need a hex wrench (I didn’t really pay attention to the size), and a credit card type device. You need to use your hex wrench to unscrew the 2 screws on the bottom of of the display. The angle is really bad so you may need to us a smaller size hex than the screws use so you can get at them from an angle. The screws are not in very tight but be careful, you don’t want to strip them or scratch them up too much. After the screws are out you need use the credit card to separate the the back of the display. The plastic piece on the display needs to stay attached to the part of the display you are removing. Look at the pictures to see where you need to wedget the credit card. There are tabs holding the cover in place that you need to pop apart. Start from the bottom corners and move your way up. On the top of the display the tabs do not pop apart. Once the bottom and sides are separated you will be able to take the cover off. Be careful when separating the cover. The airport antenna wires are there. So you will not be able to completely separate the cover from the display. Once the cover is off you will see that the apple logo is a clear piece of plastic with a white sheet taped behind it. The light from the display LCD is what lights the apple. To color you logo just slide a piece of a transparency sheet between the white sheet and the logo. Tape it in place and you are done

See the full gallery on posterous A couple notes: Someone asked me how I opened up my display because “Yes, there is glue everywhere. Its all over the damn thing.” My PowerBook had absolutely no glue whatsoever on it. This guy has a refurbished PB so I am not sure what the deal is there.

Another person asked how much force you have to use to get the thing open. My response was just slightly less force than you would think would break it. It’s difficult. On the same note, you can see in the pics that I colored my apple green then changed it to blue. It was easier to open the display the second time so I am not going to do it again. I really do not want to have to glue the thing back together if the clips wear out. That’s it, if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.