Busy Times

See the full gallery on posterousSarah updated her blog with basically the stuff I have in this post, but I need to write more anyway. 😛 The kids are growing so much I thought I’d post some recent photos and an update. Noah is doing great in third grade. She has found her groove in school and loves it. She is excelling in everything, though I guess we aren’t supposed to tell her she’s smart or something. Jack is doing great too. His teacher says he’s a great kid and he recently brought home a bunch of books he put together with his kindergarten class to help him learn to read. He is doing awesome with them. Joseph is also doing terrific. He turned three months on November 30th, and we can’t believe its gone by so fast. The other kids love their little brother and Noah is the champion at getting him to smile and talk.

See the full gallery on posterousI don’t get why the kids look happier in the photo with Sarah than the one with me. I’ll have to punish them for that… We’re busy getting ready for Christmas. Noah and Jack decorated the tree this last weekend. Sarah and I decided to just let them go at it, and they had a blast. They made snowflakes out of paper and hung those, then put on our other ornaments. We had to remind the to spread things out a bit, but they did great. The kids and I then helped Sarah make some of what is becoming one of our traditions, candy! We made peppermint paddies, and fudge this weekend. They are **so** good. Peanut butter balls, caramel, and several other items are also on the list to be made.We had a pretty big snow that turned into freezing rain Saturday night, so I was out cleaning that up Sunday. Noah and Jack spent time out playing in the snow too. The ice was thick enough that they could walk on it without breaking through. It was great watching them slide down the little hill in the front yard like penguins. Its been busy, but pretty good lately. We’re really looking forward to Christmas, and everyone is getting in the holiday spirit.