Bunk Beds for Noah and Jack

See the full gallery on posterousMy Dad made these amazing bunk beds for Noah and Jack. We got them today and after setting them up Noah and Jack spent the day in their room climbing up and down the top bunk. The kids are very excited that Grandpa made them such cool beds. They were ready to go to bed around noon today, they even hopped in their beds for naps this afternoon. Of course, they were too excited to actually rest, so they got right up and went back to playing.We’ve only had one “that’s not something we do on the bunks” moment so far. Now that the kids have space in their bedroom to play they brought Legos up there and ended up bringing all the ships they had built to the top bunk. Each ship took turns crashing to the floor. Not really a big deal, its just that I’m the one they come to when they need help rebuilding that Tie Fighter, and its a pain when the pieces are scattered everywhere and under the bed. :-)We don’t even know how to thank my Dad for the beds, they are so nice. The wood is black walnut. My Dad owned some land near Spring Green, WI, near Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin and harvested a fair amount of lumber there for woodworking projects. He used much of it for trim and other finish work when my parents built their house, and he is now building furniture in his free time. The bunks were one of his biggest projects to date, so we’re very happy he took up the challenge. We certainly were not expecting the workmanship he put into them.