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Blogger takes joy in bashing Mac, blogger doesn’t tell whole story.

03 August 2006

What a shock. I read the following in which the blogger was happy to point out how easy it was for a hacker to gain control of a new MacBook through a flaw in the wireless network drivers. Of course, he neglected to point out that the demo was using a third party network card, not the built in airport card on the MacBook. Most likely because the Apple hardware does not have a known exploit at this time.
Of course, it is always important to be conscious of security, but it gets rather annoying at the lengths people go to to ?¢‚Ǩ?ìprove” how the Mac platform is just as bad as Windows. The fact is the mac is more secure. When Apple posts a security update to patch 26 security flaws one needs to realize that most often much of what they are patching is services that are not in use and are not a concern to the average user.