A flash flood, and our car is toast.

Or, I guess I should say our car is soggy bread. I had to run down to campus yesterday to pick up a laptop that was being worked on, but thought I’d stop and say hi to my old coworkers at the Primate Center first. Shortly after I got there it started to rain. We ran in the rain to the closest restaurant, Taco John’s, and were pretty much stranded there. We had to wade through approximately 1 foot of water to get to dry land when we finally left. Here’s some pictures from Taco John’s.

So, on my way back to my car, which I thought was safe because I was on pretty high ground I saw this interesting site. Yes, those cars are completely underwater.

After making it back to my car it was dead. The wheels were underwater and the interior was full of water. We had the car towed to a mechanic and the insurance dude will be looking at it soon. From what we found online regarding water damage however it doesn’t look good. Some guy who lives right where I was parked happened to capture my car in a bunch of his photos.

Oh, and my laptop bag was in the car. Luckily I hadn’t picked my laptop up yet. However, the following items that were in my laptop bag are destroyed:
The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts, checked out from the library
various papers from work
1 GB iPod Shuffle
60 GB iPod Video
Yes, I’m pretty pissed. My brand new Timbuk2 laptop bagged cleaned up pretty good and is drying right now. I think it will pull through.