A Few More Photos

Jack had a “Spring Sing” at pre-school yesterday. It was very good. It’s strange how when you have children of your own groups of 3-5 year olds singing out of tune make you smile instead of wince. It’s so funny to see the kids march up there and the first thing they do is scan the audience for their parents. Sarah grabbed us front row seats ,so Jack didn’t have to look hard. He did a great job. He seemed to know the words and even had the hand gestures down for the songs they did. Notice Jack is representing in his awesome lime green Apple logo shirt. Makes a father proud.

The second picture is one we snapped before Sarah and I stepped out for dinner the other night. Ha! Actually, Noah commented that she could easily get out of the dog’s crate if locked in so Jack obliged by locking her in. She got out, then locked Jack in. He got out. Repeat the first step. You get the idea. After a while the kids invited the dog in to play. Amazingly, Piper jumped right in. We really couldn’t resist the opportunity to take some pictures.