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First night photos

06 October 2011

I went to the Capitol the other night and took some pictures to see what what shooting at night would be like. It’s really kind of fun. For next time I think I’ll bring a tripod though. Some of the exposures were long enough that even when propping the camera or leaning on something I ended up with blur.
Oh, and I have a photo of the giant spider living outside our living room window. Pretty sure it’s hoping to catch one of the cats in it’s web. It’s that big.

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Photos - Stewart Lake Fishing

26 September 2011

I finally took Jack fishing at Stewart Lake near Mt. Horeb, WI last Saturday. With three kids it is so easy to get caught up in the needs of all of them that you forget the individuals at times. Getting out with just Jack was something we both needed. We started the day with breakfast at Schubert’s, an old restaurant on the main drag in town.

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Photos - Joe and Piper

25 September 2011

Some photos I took today of Joe and Piper. Just playing, I don’t know what I’m doing really but I’m hoping to learn.

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