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Risotto With Asparagus and Walnuts

10 June 2012

In an effort to eat better and try new things I have been cooking more. Tonight’s dinner was a fantastic risotto with asparagus and walnuts. It was my first time cooking a risotto and it turned out pretty damn good.

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Ah, spring weather

12 March 2012

Sun, blue sky and warm temps. The kids spent most of our first beautiful day of the year outside. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

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Innocent mobile phone cleaner, or secret CIA spying device?

02 February 2012

One of the faculty at work, Deborah Blum, gave me this. Apparently the CIA was recruiting at a conference she was at. It seems harmless enough. A little microfiber square to clean your phone screen with and when you are not using it just stick it to the other side of your phone for safe keeping. Could this harmless cloth contain a secret CIA bugging device to monitor all your conversations and movement? There are those who would say so I am sure.

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I Made Beer (and its good!)

31 January 2012

A little over three weeks ago I started my first home brew. I started with a kit from Wine & Hop Shop in Madison. I chose their Badger Dark Ale. With some equipment on loan from my friend Matt I was off!

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JMax singing his 4k song

15 January 2012

Play this audio file at your own risk. Epic cuteness lies within…

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