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Saying goodbye sucks

30 April 2004

We found out last night that our very sick cat Frodo has FIP. It’s one of the 3 killer viruses a cat can get. He’s been really sick for almost 2 months now and it has gotten to the point where he does not even want to move. I’m going to take him to the vet this afternoon and have him put to sleep. We had to explain to the kids last night what was happening. Jack had a typically 2 year old response. He didn’t understand at all. Noah on the other hand is not too happy. She’s really bummed. It’s nice that we still have the other cat but that’s really no consolation right now. Before we left this mornning we had the kids say goodbye for the last time to Frodo. They handled it pretty well but I think tonight may be rough for them. Frodo has always been a really cool cat. I’m really going to miss him. I’ll post some pictures of him to the web site later today.

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The Plague is here!

26 April 2004

I cannot think of any other way to describe it. Here’s the low down: Week ago Friday: Noah has a fever, comes home early from school. Vomits that night. Week ago Saturday: She seems to be doing better, has a great day. Vomits again that night. Week ago Sunday: Seems to be doing a bit better, still has a touch of a fever so we make her take it easy. Week ago today: I stay home from work with her to give her another day of rest. She has a great day. Last Tuesday: Jack comes down with a fever. He vomits a little in the night. Last Wednesday: Sarah keeps Jack home just to be safe. Last Thursday: Jack is still sick, I stay home and let Noah stay home too. Later in the afternoon she ends up getting a high fever again. Last Friday: Noah and Jack stay home with Sarah again. Noah vomits in the morning. Everyone is pretty much okay over the weekend. Kind of wasted from the week so we all take it easy. Now today. I am leaving work in 10 minutes to go get Jack. He has a mild fever. Repent! The end is nigh! The Black Death is upon us! Oh, and I think Frodo (one of the cats) is going to die. he just is not getting well and I swear, his left eyeball is gonna fall out or something. the vet gave me some medicine for him on Saturday and if this doesn’t do anything he said the cat is basically fucked.

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Damn cats

28 March 2004

Frodo has been sick this week. Damn sick. I took him to the vet Tuesday and the vet was thinking he had FIP, which is pretty much a death sentence. He seems to be doing a bit better but damn, he still looks hella bad. I thought I would post a picture of how he is looking. Yeah, pretty scary I know. Seriously though, that is how he looks. His eyes are all messed up. He looks like something out of Pet Semetary.

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Oh wonderful day!

16 March 2004

Today is shaping up to be kick ass! Unsanity just released Shapeshifter 1.2 and Swizcore just released 2 themes! If you are a Mac user you must check this out.

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22 January 2004

It’s cold. My face hurt for 10 minutes after walking the block and a half from my car to my office. -30 degree wind chill will do that I guess.

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