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New Mac Setup Scripts

04 March 2019

I usually reformat my laptop a couple times a year. It’s completely unnecessary but I just get the itch to clear out and start over. To make that a little less annoying I’ve cobbled together several scripts that do much of the work for me. My laptop is in Apple’s Device Enrollment Program so it’s added to my MDM when it first boots. After the initial user setup is done I plug in my flash drive, and double click the go.command file to kick things off. This is the base script that starts everything else. It does a few things:

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Creating DHCP Static Maps for OS X Server in the Terminal

31 October 2015

I was in the process of moving DNS and DHCP on my network at work to new Mac Mini servers. This is all much easier using a Linux server, but I had several Mac only applications I was planning on running on the servers as well, so I stuck with Macs. Apple has made working with DNS easy enough in 10.11 Server by allowing one to edit the host files for domains directly, and have everything still work if one wants to go through the Server app. DHCP isn’t so easy. I haven’t found a way to create static maps for DHCP clients by just editing a reservation file. It is possible to use the serveradmin command line utility however.

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