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Finally, an ISP with balls.

21 April 2005

The largest ISP in Australia is shutting down users who are infected. So many ISPs have decided to put tighter controls on all their customers instead of just the ones who cannot keep their computers clean. It’s nice to see a company with the guts to tell their customers they have a responsibility to keep their computer clean from infection.

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Color your PowerBook Apple

25 March 2005

I noticed in my Apache logs that there seem to be quite a few people actually looking for this so I decided to update it and make it available on the new site. Especially since the link most people are going to no longer exists.

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LDAP Authentication using PHP

16 March 2005

Authenticating against an LDAP server consists of just connecting to the server then binding using your credentials. Here’s a couple functions I use to authenticate again LDAP. The first function, ldapauthenticated, takes your uid and password and attempts to bind to the LDAP server. It returns a bool, true you were successful, false you weren’t. Pretty simple. There are 2 constants I use in the function, LDAP_SERVER and LDAP_BASE_DN. These would need to be defined. LDAP_SERVER is your server’s host name. LDAP_BASE_DN would be something like ?¢‚Ǩ?ìdc=something, dc=company, dc=com”

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First post of the year.

21 January 2005

I haven’t posted since before Christmas. Things have been a bit hectic. So I decided to just create one largish post with a fair amount of info. Christmas was great. The kids of course had a great time. I took some time off of work since Noah was on break from school and unfortunately Sarah does not get the assload of vacation I do. So the kids and I had fun for a couple weeks. On Christmas eve we went to my parents and spent the day with the family decorating cookies and eating way to much kick ass food. The food was so good I feel i must list it for you now: Little hot dogs in a secret sauce Rye bread with this swiss cheese/mayo/black olive/onion thing all broiled Crab cakes Fish soup There was also the usual cookies and other amazing desserts. Christmas morning was great. The kids are at that age where they get really excited. The only negative was Jack seemed to have gotten pink eye. New Years was pretty mellow. We didn’t have a sitter so we just had another couple over with their kid and ate and drank a bit, and played some games. There sure has been some crazy weather over the last month. There was the terrible tsunami and the rain on the west coast. I really cannot even grasp what has happened in Asia. Something of that magnitude is just unreal to me. It’s just terrible. The mudslides in California are pretty amazing as well. Kind of like Mother Nature just wants to make sure we remember who runs the show. Bush was sworn in for his second term yesterday. I made the decision a while ago to not be overly pessimistic about politics. It’s not worth my time to get all worked up. I’ll just say I hate the guy. He’s an idiot. Noah had her first school play this week. She was a cheetah. I’m going to put some pictures up in the future. She was really cute. I’ve been working on generating PDF invoices in PHP for work. It’s pretty cool now that I have it working. Setting up the pages is a huge damn pain though. It really is worth the effort to have nicely formatted PDF documents instead of crappy HTML that would look different depending on you browser or OS. Apple announced some really cool products recently. I’ll be commenting on them in the future I am certain.

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The numbers can be deceiving

07 December 2004

Complaints to the FCC about what we watch on television were up to 240,000 in 2003. This is up from roughly 14,000 in 2002, and from fewer than 350 in 2001 and 2000. Wow, Americans are getting fed up with the crap we see on television, right? Not quite. 99.8% of these compaints were files by Parents Television Council. Amazing how if you look even a little deeper the numbers tell a completely different story. Link to the source. Though, I have to say you could get rid of all the crap ?¢‚Ǩ?ìreality” television. It just sucks.

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