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Big sigh…

03 March 2006

13 Days to go until Apple ships my MacBook Pro. It’s getting hard to wait. I’ve been hearing about some issues people have been dealing with. At work I’m hearing complaints about older apps and no Classic support. Since I do not use any Classic apps and most of my day to day apps are either compiled by me personally or the developers are actively working on them (meaning they are already Universal) I am not too concerned.

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My family loves me.

25 February 2006

I got an early birthday present from my wife and kids today. A 60 GB iPod! It’s very nice, I am ripping the Star Wars trilogy to add to my iTunes library right now. 🙂

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Piper, our new dog!

18 February 2006

We’ve had Piper for a few weeks now, and she is great. The kids are getting used to having a very excitable puppy around, and Sarah is doing a great job starting to train her. Check out the gallery to see some pictures of her.

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Apache 2 startup item for Mac OS X

06 February 2006

I’ve installed Apache 2.2.0 on a few systems lately so I decided to create a startup item. If you have installed Apache 2 on your Mac and would like to have it start on boot like many other services do, here’s how.

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Another big change

30 January 2006

So, now I just migrated the entire site over to Textpattern. It’s a PHP/MySQL based Content Management System (CMS). Much like all the other ?¢‚Ǩ?ìblog” type systems out there. I was really impressed with how Textpattern is built though. It’s got a very robust template system. Pretty much everything is stored in the DB as well. The only drawback their is I need to edit all my code using web based forms, instead of the editor of my choice. So far the positives far outweigh the negatives though. I’ve got the basics of my site in the new system, including a rather sizable change to the CSS of the site. I’m working on a basic photo gallery, another thing Textpatternhandles out of the box. It’s support is pretty rudimentary, but it should work for what I want to do. If you see any bugs , or leave a comment.

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