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08 June 2006

My friend Elaine has a cow in CowParade. She got a great location right outside the Overture Center. She’s got many more pictures on her web site. There’s also a great Flickr photoset here.

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Last weekend was a real pain in my ass

05 June 2006

Sarah’s sisters were in town over the weekend. They were going to be going wedding dress shopping for Sarah’s older sister Julie. That meant the fiance, Brett, and I were on child care duty. My two kids, and Sarah’s other sister’s two kids. All in all quite a painless weekend. I even got a cool toy. A little remote control airplane. I must say, it’s the coolest thing ever. Noah and Jack even got the hang of flying it. We may have to pick up a couple more and have dogfights.

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A Few More Photos

25 May 2006

Jack had a ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSpring Sing” at pre-school yesterday. It was very good. It’s strange how when you have children of your own groups of 3-5 year olds singing out of tune make you smile instead of whince. It’s so funny to see the kids march up there and the first thing they do is scan the audience for their parents. Sarah grabbed us front row seats ,so Jack didn’t have to look hard. He did a great job. He seemed to know the words and even had the hand gestures down for the songs they did. Notice Jack is representing in his awesome lime green Apple logo shirt. Makes a father proud.

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Kids playing

21 May 2006

The kids were playing in the yard the other day and I snapped a couple pictures. I also am testing an image plugin.

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Oh My Lord! Someone stop me!

18 May 2006

I changed my site software again. I’ve been playing with Ruby for a little while so I decided to try out a Ruby on Rails based blog. Looks like I’ll have use Flickr for photos for the time being though. I guess I have my first idea for a Rail project though.

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Back to Wordpress

12 May 2006

I’ve moved the web site back to WordPress. I liked Textpattern, but there was just too much not to like I guess. At first the templating system seemed great, but it kind of wore on me after a while.

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