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Wii are getting nervous

24 November 2006

Well, this morning Santa got his ass up at 3:30 am hoping to get his hands on a Nintendo Wii. No luck. Next try will be Sunday morning early it looks like. Best Buy is apparently going to have a bunch then. Santa had the opportunity to order a “bundle” from an online reseller that included an extra controller, some other stuff and several games, but all he wants for the Anderson kids is the Wii and maybe an extra controller. The $800 bundle was just too far over the Christmas budget for the jolly old elf. Santa hopes he can get his hands on a Wii before Christmas. At least he’s not looking for a Playstation 3.

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Setting up your Mac for PHP web development.

26 October 2006

I found myself again having to install necessary web development tools on my MacBook Pro so I thought this time I’d actually document the process. After following these instructions your machine should be pretty well equipped for PHP web development. I had instructions for Ruby on Rails in here, but I’ll post those as a separate entry later. Before you going any further you must have Xcode installed. You can get the most recent version from Apple here: What we will be installing: MySQL Apache 2.2.3 Subversion PHP 5.1.6 Before we do anything there is a variable that must be set for later on when we set up Apache and Subversion. Run the following command assuming you are using the bash shell that the OS X Terminal app uses by default:

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First snow!

22 October 2006

Last night it started snowing. This morning we have a nice ground covering of the white stuff. It will probably be gone by this afternoon, but it’s still pretty cool to see.

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Lazy me

19 September 2006

I haven’t updated in over a month. Yikes. Well I guess nothing exciting has really happened. I finished my Ruby on Rails training. It ended being well worth the trip. Since then I have been coding a web app pretty much every day at work. Still lots to learn, but after the class I went from being able to make it through by looking things up to being confident enough to do most things without having to reference my beginning Ruby on Rails books. I have realized fully that it will be very necessary for me to become a Ruby expert however. One can do quite a bit by just learning all that Rails can do, but in order to really do amazing things one must understand Ruby intimately.

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I’m a Big Nerd

14 August 2006

I’m taking a Ruby on Rails class at the Big Nerd Ranch this week. Here’s a few pics I’ve snapped with my phone so far.

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