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Joseph Maxwell!

08 September 2007

Born at 3:44 PM on August 30, 2007, Joseph Maxwell Anderson is here. We went in at around 10:30 AM. Sarah had been having irregular contractions all night and since she was at 4 cm. already they had us come in to be checked out. After about an hour or so, around noon, she was 5+ cm. according to the midwife, who at that point offered to break her water. Sarah had been really tired and dizzy, to the point where she was was afraid of passing out lately so she just wanted the pregnancy to be over. She accepted. Two hours later, unfortunately not much had happened. Sarah broke down at that point and the midwife did an awesome job of bringing her back from the edge. A little later Sarah got a little shot to help take the edge off the contractions, and it was just what she needed. She was able to pull it out, and shortly after that she was ready to push! I wanted to be as involved as possible, so I got into position to deliver. With help from the midwife, I delivered Joseph at 3:44. It was absolutely amazing. I got to deliver him, and hand him up to his mom. I can’t begin to describe the feeling. I really wish I had done it with the other kids. Of course, we also wish we had gone with midwives for the other kids too. We’re older and wiser now though. 🙂

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What a weekend!

30 April 2007

We took the kids out to practice riding their bikes sans training wheels this weekend. Jack, who just turned five needs some work. He didn’t really seem to be in the zone, and was easily distracted. There were a few times where it seemed he might be balancing okay, but he’s got his work cut out for him. He just turned five though, he’ll have it by the end of the summer. Noah on the other hand, she’s ready. She will be eight in June. We should have had her up on two wheels two years ago, but she has always been a bit skittish. We were practicing on a basketball court and it took five minutes for her to be up. She doesn’t have the confidence to get started on her own yet, but she can balance and go all on her own now. I had one of those weird parent moments when she first went on her own. I pretty much collapsed it was so wonderful to see. I think Noah and I will be doing more practicing this week. She’s pretty excited about the possibility of going for bike rides with dad. So am I. 🙂 I also changed the oil in the lawn mower this weekend. That wouldn’t be a big deal except I bought the thing in 1998 and this was the first time I had changed the oil. It was black. I think I’ll change it again half way through the season just to make sure things stay a bit cleaner in there.

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Setting up your Mac for Ruby on Rails

05 February 2007

I was going to write up a post with instructions on setting up your Mac for Working with Ruby on Rails because the instructions that the main Ruby on Rails site linked to were kind of long in the tooth and they suggested a web server I didn’t care for. So I had instructions all written up, even had a friend use them when he wanted to try Rails out. Next thing I know the instructions The Ruby on Rails guys link to have been updated. So yeah. I won’t be posting my instructions, go here.

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Eye of The Tiger Baby!

02 February 2007

I secretly grabbed a video of the kids playing the Wii with the iMac’s built in iSight camera that we have in the basement. Here’s a video of Jack going to down on the heavy bag in Wii Sports Boxing training mode.

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Baby #3!

31 January 2007

It’s official, Sarah has a bun in the oven! Not that we really doubted the pregnancy test, nausea, or massive fatigue she’s been experiencing. We went to an ultrasound today, so we got a picture of the little pea sized Anderson. The ultrasound put her due date at September 2nd. Everything looked good so far. As much as can be seen so early anyway, a little blob with a heart rate of 167 bpm. So we’re pretty excited and are looking forward to September!

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Wii got it!

25 November 2006

Santa called Toys R Us this morning right when they opened and they actually had some in stock! Those Reideer were pretty damn fast and Santa got the Wii for the Anderson family. Boy is he glad he won’t have to get up ass early to sit outside Best Buy tomorrow morning.

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