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A New Cat!

20 October 2009

Sarah and I decided a couple weeks ago we were going to get a cat. So last Sunday the kids and I went to look at some, but unfortunately Sarah had to work. We found one we like and were pretty much set, except Sarah hadn’t met her. We wanted to make sure Sarah liked the kitten before we committed. Last night we decided to go to the Dane County Humane Society’s west side adoption center to see what kittens they had there. This one year old skinny little orange cat was there from the HappyCat Club and we all just loved her. She’s very sweet. Apparently, she was one of about 26 cats living with and elderly woman. They were living off Rice Chex so she’s rather small and skinny. We’ll need to fatten her up a bit. After filling out the paperwork we were very excited to learn that we could take her home right away. That we were not expecting. Noah, Jack, and Joe love their new cat. Noah and Jack had a hard time heading out the door to the bus today, though it was easy getting them out of bed this morning.

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My Daughter, Star Wars Geek

06 December 2007

I’m such a proud father. Noah is really learning her Star Wars lore. Last night Saint Nick came and one of the things he left in Noah and Jack’s stockings was a small Star Wars Lego set for each of them. The kids were admiring their Legos and cursing the fact that they had to go to school instead of playing with their new Legos when Noah made a comment about how she wished banthas weren’t so gross. Jack asked, “What’s a bantha?” Noah’s reply:

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