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Scotland Day 3 - Southerness

18 July 2022

There is a heat wave hitting europe right now so today was a good day to check out the ocean and hopefully catch a decent breeze. We drove down to the small tourist village of Southerness. It was a pretty relaxing day. We ate some lunch at the Paul Jones, a family run bar and restaurant. There was a nice breeze from the water, and we learned the local lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in Scotland, built in 1749 and decommissioned in 1936.

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Scotland Day 2 - Glasgow

17 July 2022

After my long trip I slept around 12 twelve hours Saturday night. I woke up Sunday morning and enjoyed some coffee and toast before we headed to Glasgow for the day. Andy and I are both fans of a Scottish sitcom called Still Game so we made sure to visit one of the more famous locations from the show, Navid’s shop. Unfortunately it was closed Sunday so we just got a couple Photos of the outside as well as Jack and Victor’s bench.

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Scotland Day 1

16 July 2022

I began my trip to Scotland on Friday morning, waking up to catch the 5:30am bus to Chicago O’Hare Airport. I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to check in and get through security, and was looking forward to a somewhat short, two hour wait before the first leg of my trip. Unfortunately Air Canada had different plans. My flight out of O’Hare was nearly two hours later taking off, and upong landing in Toronto we sat waiting to deplane for almost 90 minutes.

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Bash script for Rsync backups

15 April 2021

I’ve got a very basic bash script I use for user backups to external drives. I place the script on an empty external drive and give that to my users. They are instructed to plug the drive in and double click the backup file. The script asks them to verify the  folder being backed up (their home folder), and the destination (the external drive). There are no options, just yes or no to a single question. They then get a message telling them to give the terminal application permissions to folders when prompted, and the backup script just does it’s thing. Since it’s Rsync they can easily just re-run it if necessary and only changed files will get backed-up, saving time.

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