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Ezra Klein - Repealing health-care reform would cost hundreds of billions of dollars -- and Eric Cantor knows it

05 January 2011

House Republicans are in a pickle: One of their new rules says that new legislation must be paid for. But the health-care bill reduces the federal deficit by more than $100 billion over the next 10 years. Luckily, they’ve figured out an answer to their problem: They’ve decided to simply exempt the repeal bill from the rules. That means they’re beginning the 112th Congress by lifting their own rules in order to take a vote that will increase the deficit. Change we can believe in, and all that.

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Secret Chamber Found In India National Library

22 November 2010

Now the home of the India National Library, Belvedere House once house the British Governor General as far back as the 1760’s. It is also reportedly haunted. The latest is an approximately 1,000 square foot hidden room with no entrances. I was just found during renovations. No one has gone in yet because they need permission from the Ministry of Culture.

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