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Change your junk mailbox location in Apple Mail client

19 September 2011

Apple Mail uses the folder Junk by default for junk mail/spam. You get the nice little icon that looks like a paper bag with a recycle symbol on it. If your mail account diverts junk mail on the server side to a different folder you will end up to two different junk folders to check. The junk folder that your mail server diverts spam to, and the folder Apple Mail diverts spam to. For example, my work mail diverts junk mail to a folder called Junk Mail. I end up with a regular folder called Junk Mail with spam the server caught, and another folder called Junk which Apple Mail caught. You can consolidate these folders in to one by telling Apple Mail to use the same folder that your mail server does.

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Fox Kicks Off the Great Web Video Piracy Boom of 2011

27 July 2011

It’s perfectly logical for the TV networks to try to lock up their shows online.
Except for the part about it not working.
On Aug. 15, Fox will stop distributing its shows on Hulu and a day after they air, and will make most Web surfers wait eight days to see them. The only legal way around this, for now, is to pay for a subscription to either the Dish Network or Hulu Plus.

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WI Supreme Court rules not to force recusals in split decision

13 July 2011

The WI State Supreme Court is pretty fucked seriously screwed up. Their latest decision states that the justices cannot force one of their colleagues to recuse themselves from a case. So basically if their is a question of bias the justice who is potentially biased is the only one capable of making that final decision.

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The Twitter Zone

07 July 2011

Interesting column by Maureen Down about Rod Serling. I’ve always like the Twilight Zone, and it would have been interesting to see Serling’s use of our modern vices in the show.

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